Proudly Established in 1994

Our Foundation

Mills Machine Shop Operating Services was founded in 1994 by Eddie and Linda Mills as a family owned and operated business. At Mills Machine Shop we believe that high quality represents an important part of the future of machining parts.

How We Got Started.

Our co-founder, Eddie Mills, got his start in the machining industry going back to 1982, when took his first metals trades class.   He took interest in the trade so much, that his teacher suggested he go to a local manufacturing and engineering company and apply.  Unable to bring him on at the time, Eddie worked for free, sweeping floors and moving parts in order to learn the trade and gain valuable experience.

In 1983 he finally earned a position with that same company.  Soon after, in 1986, he worked his way to become Shop Foreman, all before graduating high school.  As Shop Foreman, he began quoting jobs, purchasing materials and tooling.  By 1994, Eddie and Linda made a mutual decision to open their own machine shop using manual machine. In 1999 they purchased their first automated CNC machine.

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Our Founders


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